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Jun 29, 2013 07:28 AM

Sad breakup @ Micucci's

For the past 7 years, Stephen Lanzalotta has been baking some of the best pizza on the planet -- his renowned Sicilian Slab -- for Micucci's Italian market in Portland (ME). People gladly standing in line for 20 minutes or more waiting for the next hot tray to emerge from the oven. Sadly Micucci's fired Lanzalotta earlier this week. It would be great if they could work out their differences (allegedly over wages and hours for baking assistants) so I could in good conscience continue to support them both. Doesn't seem fair for Micucci's to keep selling what should be Lanzalotti's recipes...

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    1. Oh! That is really sad. Micucci's was the best Sicilian slice I've ever had.

      Maybe he should move to Boston and open a shop here.

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      1. re: gltsoi

        Or Nashua, NH ........ ; )
        Boston wouldn't be too bad either since I work there - maybe the people at Galleria Umberto would let him "take over" the place for July since they're closed for vacation for the entire month.

        1. re: gltsoi

          He already had a shop in Portland but couldn't make it because he only knows how to bake. Does not know how to run a business, or shop, or handle people. So the arrangement he had with Miccucci's was perfect, but I guess he did not concentrate what he does best and that is bake, but needed to get involved with assistants wages. No question, he is a great baker, but also very difficult to work with. I am sure Micucci had some agreement with him bringing his recipes to their work place, which both benefited. Hope they can work it out.

        2. Oh this is sad. We will be in Portland in three weeks and of course a SSlab was high on my list of must-eats.

          Please work it out, people!