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Jun 29, 2013 07:03 AM

Vineyard Tour/Tasting Itinerary

Planning a celebratory birthday trip to San Fran / Wine Country this October.


Depart San Fran, driving up the coast to Guerneville.

Fort Ross Winery

visit Armstrong Redwoods in the afternoon

staying at the Sonoma Orchid Inn

Lunch: open to suggestions
Dinner: Boon Eat & Drink

Tuesday: Drive to St. Helena by way of Healdsburg

Winery/Lunch choices not selected for this portion - your input would be appreciated.

Dinner: JoLe


Pride – tour & tasting (picnic lunch possibility)

Smith Madrone


dinner: Farmstead


Rombauer - tasting

Cliff Lede - tasting

Silver Oak - tasting

Duckhorn – tasting (could eliminate)

Schramsberg – tour & tasting

Lunch: open to suggestions

Dinner: flip a coin - Redd, Goose & Gander, Cook, Press, Cindy's Kitchen, Market. Too many choices for one dinner!!

Note: I'm a fan of reds & sauvignon blancs.....


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  1. In Healdsburg, there are a few good tasting rooms including Arnot-Roberts (appt only), Ramey (appt only), and I believe Valdez family winery just opened a tasting room there (really elegant Pinots and Syrahs).

    On the way from Healdsburg to St. Helena, right outside Healdsburg is Stonestreet which has a beautiful patio and makes pricey but good full throttled chards and cabs.

    Along the way into Calistoga there is Storybook (appt only) which I don't know much about but has been recommended to me. In Calistoga is Chateau Montelena which has a pretty enormous white and red portfolio and beautiful grounds can get busy.

    Venge is basically on the way (appt only - has whites and reds) as is Larkmead (appt only - red focused). Larkmead is pretty pricey and most of their wines are not available for sale. They are high quality but it's become a toss up about whether to visit or not.

    1. I have a suggestion for the Pride picnic lunch.
      I actually picnic there about twice a year, and have found that if I can stop at Addendum (a togo part of Ad Hoc in Yountville), I end up with the best wine and the best picnic the valley has to offer.
      Orders can be placed on line in advance to make pick up fast and easy: