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Jun 29, 2013 04:44 AM

Taormina of Little Italy

I use to dine here regularly 10+ years ago and it was always a good experience. The food and staff were always excellent and being in the heart of Little Italy made it a great place to visit.

Then about 5+- years ago there was a change in name and or ownership, the decor and ambiance completely changed, the tables and chairs were all intentionally mismatched and the food was "ok".

3+- years ago while passing in the area the location was closed and empty.

Now I received a groupon for Taoromina's of Little Italy, initially I was very happy to see the name again, however a quick google search turned up nothing but very questionable reviews.

So tell me my fellow hounds, what's the story? Someone just took the old name and are trying to live off it? What happened to my old Little Italy spot?

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  1. A long time ago I also thought the food was good there also at Grotta Azurra , both have been pretty bad over the last several years. They do still do a lot of business, getting tourists, parties and wine tasting or special events.

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      Do you know if it's the same ownership? Same location as the old? I would like to pay them a visit again if it is, but coming from Jersey I don't want to waste my time if not.

    2. I stopped by over the weekend to check it out. It's certainly not the same place as old. (Although in it's original location). Now it's more of a casual pizza place than formal Italian Dining. (As formal as Little Italy get's).

      There was a "greeter" outside who was trying to draw people in.....I approached him to ask him some questions, as soon as he asked me if I was coming in to eat, I responded "no", he walked away and stopped talking to me all together. lol

      I can see why they have received the reviews I have read on yelp and a few other sites. Too bad, it was a great place.

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        Thanks for the update. I don't plan on going there any time soon