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Jun 28, 2013 08:40 PM

Venice: moderately priced seafood (Venetian) and vegetarian restaurants?

We are going to be in Venice for four days at the end of November and would like suggestions on some good but not expensive local seafood restaurants and vegetarian choices. We would like to pay in the ballpark of $20-25 per entree. Any ideas?

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  1. Most of the all seafood restaurants such as Antiche Carampane, Alle Testiere, Conta Sconta, etc) do not have much to offer for vegetarians. Restaurants that have good seafood (meat and poultry also) within your budget range, I would consider Vini da Gigio, Fiaschetteria Toscana, L'Orto dei Mori, Anice Stellato, da Rioba. The first couple of places will stretch your budget a bit. They will have a couple of vegetarian options in the antipasti and primi sections of the menu. but nothing as a secondi. For vegetarians, make sure to inquire about meat broth in the risotto, etc. One general comment about prices in Venice, antipasti tend to be more expensive in relation to the main course than that of the US. Sharing an antipasto is common and acceptable.
    Probably the best restaurant for vegetarians is Alla Zucca but it serves no seafood.

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      Thanks so much for your reply, especially for your tips. I guess I should have stated my question more clearly. I meant I would like suggestions for both seafood and vegetarian restaurants, not so much restaurants that serve both types of food in one place. But thanks for the restaurant suggestions.

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        Most of the best all seafood restaurants such as Alle Testiere are over your stated budget. The secondi are around 25 euros and more. One doesn't necessarily have to go to these places to have good traditional seafood. The better trattorie/osterie will have a good selection including those I mentioned in the previous post. If one is not looking for vegetarian items, I would also recommend Boccadoro (excellent simple seafood), Trattoria da Fiore, the more modest Alla Frasca and ai Promessi Sposi.
        There are no good vegetarian restaurant in Venice. If you want a wide choice of vegetarian items and not looking for seafood, I would go to Alla Zucca. Cooking is eclectic but have some traditional Venetian choices; besides good vegetarian primi, a large selection of vegetable dishes.