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Jun 28, 2013 08:21 PM

Looking for a Long Island restaurant!

My somewhat elderly parents are not adventurous eaters, like solid Italian, Mediterranean, diners, steak houses etc. I am visiting with a couple of teenagers and looking for recommendations for something other than their regular rotation. They suggested House of Spain in Merrick, but the reviews were dicey. Mid-Nassau county, but would love to hear of some of your local favorites. Thanks!!!

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  1. Just found another thread, thanks!

    1. We had a great meal at Louie's in Port Washington last weekend.
      Great steamers, Juicy plump mussels and broiled seafood combo. Prices are better than you would expect for a waterfront restaurant.
      MP Taverna in Roslyn is also a solid choice for greek food.

      1. East Bay Diner on Merrick Road in Seaford/Wantagh fits what you are looking for.

        There is the Lighthouse on Sunrise Hwy in Wantagh as well.

        1. Erik's Italian Bistro, Mineola
          Passione, Carle Place