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Jun 28, 2013 05:48 PM

Better quality take-out meals mid-Cape area?

We are currently in Brewster with a small child so we can't do a lot of the recommended spots. What are some spots that you recommend for special take-out meals? I'm not thinking pre-prepared restaurant meals but rather specialties from farmer's markets, high-end grocery stores (which ones?) or retail/deli places. We're planning to get a seafood pie from Marion's. We have a full kitchen so we might do a lobster boil one night. Any other suggestions?

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  1. You may have confused folks with the "mid-Cape" designation, as Brewster is really lower Cape. A good resource for all the farmer's markets is, which has hours, vendors, etc. If you don't mind heading into the mid-Cape area, you can get fresh pasta from Nata's Noodles, located in Ring Brothers in Dennis. Also backtracking a bit is Peterson's Market in Yarmouthport, which has great meats. They also sell various prepared foods. I'm not sure if Fancy's Farm in Orleans still exists (also part of the same family as Peterson's), although I think the produce store is still open. I was going to suggest Bayside Goumet & Seafood Market in Brewster but discovered that it has closed.

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      Fancy's is now Nauset Farms, no longer part of Peterson's. They have good meat and seafood as well as prepared foods. I can't speak for the quality of the prepared foods since I don't buy them, but perhaps someone else can chime in.

    2. Ferretti's Deli on Rt 137 in Brewster has excellent prepared foods and makes great sandwiches.

      1. You might find some interesting items in the way of dry goods at The Cook Shop at the Lemon Tree Plaza on 6A in Brewster. Good NY bagels at Yo Mama's across 6A from Ocean Edge.

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          Thanks. We've still got a couple of days here. Marion's Pies had the best lobster roll we've tried and the seafood pie was yummy. Planning to get to Nauset Farms tomorrow.