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Jun 28, 2013 04:12 PM

The Reefs Bermuda

We just returned from our 7th trip to the Reefs. Our first trip was in 1991. Many changes since our first trip. We dined at Coconuts for lunch and one dinner and Ocean Echo for breakfast daily and a few dinners. The breakfast buffet is ample with my favorite, the Bermudian breakfast of salt cod and a lovely spicy tomato sauce. We found the croissants to be flaky and fresh. We preferred ordering fresh eggs off the menu vs the buffet. Service was spotty in the AM due to the crowds descending at once. We were on vacation so went with the flow. Everyone was most accommodating. Dinner was wonderful. Presentation and offerings (we chose MAP dining) were creative and delicious.

Lunch at Coconuts and dinner were both fantastic. The bar service was perfect but they serve Island Oasis (not fan) vs Coco Lopez for Painkillers and Pina Coladas.

We look forward to our 8th trip next year. Such a piece of culinary heaven.

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  1. Thanks for the review - looks like we can go back to Coconuts post-spa next month! The food really hit rock bottom last summer so we stopped going down there, so glad it's back up.

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      Athena, we are very picky and enjoyed it for a lunch and a dinner. My Mahi Mahi fish sandwich was so fresh and delicious. Their BDA Fish Chowder was odd, though, so skip that. I don't indulge but mom was greatly disappointed.

      1. re: phelana

        Oh, I never eat restaurant versions of fish chowder!

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        Ditto, although it might have been more than a year when I went for dinner, service was excellent, food was terrible. May have to put it back on the visit list.