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Langosta Lounge

Anyone tell me about more recent trips to this resto? Some of the reviews make me want to cancel my reservation for this evening. Is it not the same since Sandy and has a new menu?

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  1. Just go! They're stronger than the storm!

    1. I have never been impressed by the food there

      1. Not great but can be fun if you don't expect too much. Get some small things and a drink and then walk around a bit and eat something else later elsewhere.

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        1. Langosta was never that good anyway. They have a lot of interesting sounding things on the menu but nothing I've ever eaten there has wowed me.

          IMO the best food in Asbury at that price range right now is at Hotel Tides.

          But you should check it out for us and let us know how it is...the recent reviews on yelp.com are horrifying.

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            Joon, is this since they changed chefs at the Tides? I only ate a couple of apps there, I love drinking at the bar, but have not eaten at the restaurant

            1. re: roro1831

              Hey roro, it looks like Tides has a new chef now...and he's the former chef of Niccio. And I really, really didn't care for the food at Niccio.

              I hope I like his food at Tides better.

              1. re: joonjoon

                We were there for drinks a few Fridays ago and were informed of the new chef. We will have to give it a try

          2. There was a response written by the owner of Langosta Lounge over the weekend but it appears to have been deleted. She said that the past 8 months have been the hardest of her life and that thy are trying to do the best they can with minimal staffing. She asked people to get in touch with her if they were unhappy about something as she wants her customers to be satisfied.

            I don't know her and I've never been to the place, but her post made me tear up a bit. I have friends who lost everything in the storm and who are still trying to figure out how to go on. I commend her (I don't remember her name if she posted it) for trying to rebuild the business and for coming here to respond to this thread. Most of the locals in this area understand what you have been dealing with.

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              I get her pain but the food wasn't that good before the storm.

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                Isn't that the woman that owns multiple restaurants in Asbury? Did the others reopen?

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                  According to the web site the people/persons who own Langosta also own: Trinity & Pope, Pop's Garage, Dauphin Grille, and Labrador Lounge.

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                    Trinity and the Pope has closed but that was before the storm. I never got there as I was curious to try the New Orleans food as that is where I am from. Her restaurants that closed due to the storm were Langosta and Pops Garage, located right next to each other on the boardwalk. Langosta is open again and Pops is in the process. There was talk she was going to use the pops space for a night club but that didn't happen. There is now a new sushi place next to Langosta as well which she may or may not have an interest in.
                    Dauphine Grill was just off the boardwalk and while all the places were closed they had the most popular dishes from each on the menu.

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                    Marilyn Schlossbach has been a driving force in the Monmouth County shore for a number of years, seeming to focus on Asbury Park over the last decade. IMHO she has seemed interested in moving on to new projects before previous ones were firmly established. Certainly the economy and the devastation of Sandy are both issues, but spreading of her efforts over such a wide swath seems to have diluted the brand.

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                      If there were a 'like' button to hit, I'd do so for Equal Mark's post & roro's that the food wasn't that good before the storm.

                      Marilyn has done much for local charities, near and far, and for that she's a good person. As this is a food site, with a focus on what's coming out of the kitchen, I'll just second EM's and roro's posts.

                      1. re: JustJake

                        I happen to like her Dauphin Grille very much...

                      2. re: equal_Mark

                        Does anyone know what's going on with the former Adriatica Restaurant across from the Berkeley Hotel. I heard that Marilyn bought it but then flipped it to someone else...it seems like a great spot for something but needs to pretty much be torn down.

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                          Last time that I passed by (about a week ago), it looked like extensive renovations were ongoing.

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                            It was bought by the man who owns Johnny Macs on Main St. and originally was going to be a gay bar named Candy Bar,(he had a naming contest). but that has changed and it will now be a bar similar to what he has at Johnny Macs.

                            1. re: wizard2

                              Yeah, but it appears that she flipped it. She was running a contest to name the bar and thought it was settled as the 'Candy Bar'.

                              There's a new temporary name on the place and there is extensive renovations going on.

                              1. re: JustJake

                                She flipped immediately and the Johnny Macs owner had the contest....I saw the new name yesterday but don't recall it.

                                  1. re: wizard2

                                    Yep that's it. So it went from being te Candy Bar, which was going to be a gay bar, to Marie's, which will be gay friendly but be a dance type club catering to the typical Jersey shore guido crowd. But that's what Porta does after 9 or son on weekends and they are packed. I'm just tired of the drunks leaving there puking in my lawn

                                    1. re: roro1831

                                      Why don't they just call it Joey Harrison's North then? ;-)

                                      1. re: JustJake

                                        As I am not from the shore nor did I summer at the shore, I asked my wife what Joey Harrison's was and she just laughed

                                          1. re: JustJake

                                            You definitely put that one against the wall between the left and center fielders. You might even be able to get to second on your feet or push it and slide into third. Either way, you took that change deep. Maybe didn't get all of it, but still drove in two runs.

                                            Now, I'll add this. After a bit of time in that gigantic salty bath tub at the end of the sand, sittin' at Langosta, with that tequila list, can make a fine afternoon.

                                            1. re: MGZ

                                              Very true, or Watermark. Or my house on the porch. Let me know when you come down we can have a chow meeting with drinks on my front porch

                                              1. re: roro1831

                                                I'm flattered.

                                                Now, keep in mind, AP is actually "up" for me. I usually take the train. Only costs a coupla bucks and I can fill one of my hollow legs without havin' to worry about drivin' through Spring Lake Heights.

                                                One other thing I feel obligated to warn you about, is that if I'm sitin' on a porch, with a drink in my hand, and the smell of the Atlantic gently breezin' by, I sometimes get to tellin' the stories that I was lucky enough to live through. As the night progresses, I confess, they get past the PG-13 point.

                                                1. re: MGZ

                                                  My ears can take much more than pg 13

                    2. I was there on Wednesday for lunch for the first time since they reopened.They did a great job putting the place back together,even making the stage bigger for the local bands they help support .Our service was good,food was good and you can not beat the view.There is a lot of new people working there and they are all working hard to get up to speed.Over all we walked away happy and are glad they have reopened.I would not cancel my reservation and if there is a problem ,ask for Marilyn or Peter.

                      1. We went down to Ocean Grove/Asbury Park on Saturday. Decided to skip Oysterfest and headed down the boardwalk to get some lunch. Passed on Stella Marina (I hate Italian food), and Cubacan (too pricy for our family).. so ended up at the next sit-down place, Langosta Lounge. I liked the menu.. my wife.. well, she's the non-chowhound, and ordered two dishes off the kid's menu for herself. Sigh.. one was mac n' cheese, and it was the Kraft-type boxed version. Wife said it tasted like they only used half the cheese in the box. Really? $7.00 for about 69 cents worth? Fail there.

                        But my 4 year old liked her pasta (rigatoni) and sauce.. and wife and I both thought the sauce was great.. tasted homemade.. no leftovers there. Wife canceled chicken fingers and ordered a steak sandwich off the specials menu, ordered well-done, loved it. I thought it was a great tasting piece of meat even though it was well done. I had the "Better Than a Burger" brisket sandwich, which was tasty, but again, really.. an additional $3 charge for french fries? Stuck with the included chips, which actually were kettle-cooked and excellent.

                        Loved the water served in individual bottles. I wanted the market salad but they were out of that. Service was sooooo sloooooowwww.. not that crowded, just waitress made herself scarce.. took forever to get the bill and get out.. bill came to $42 before tip. Wife actually said she'd go back! Maybe there's hope for her yet! :)