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Jun 28, 2013 02:39 PM

LONDON: Ginger Pig Butchery Classes

Any one tried them? Any thoughts? Any other cooking classes in London that are better?

we will be in London over the Christmas holidays and I was thinking that looked like a rather fine present for my husband.

oh and thanks for "telling" me about Ginger Pig--I've already written them about Christmas goose!

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  1. The classes are fantastic. I've done the basic beef class (i.e., the rib/front half) and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

    They bring out the front half of the cow, and you watch them break it down and explain the different cuts. You'll have the opportunity to saw through some roast bones if you're keen, and then they'll give you a 2 bone roast which you cut off the bone, string up, and get to keep.

    They brought around 50 day aged filet during the demonstration, and then served probably the best standing rib roast i've ever had with some of the best potatoes dauphinoise i've had. A seriously great roast and a very fun night. Lots of wine, lots of food, and hopefully, lots of like minded interesting people.

    I thoroughly recommend it as a gift. I wear my ginger pig t-shift often (and strangely, with many many compliments).

    1. Many things close up here over the holidays. Check way ahead to see if there will be classes while you're in London. It sounds like a great gift! Hmmm... my husband has a birthday soon, so thanks for this idea.

      1. This looks like so much fun! Alas we will be tourists and will have nothing to do with meat to take home.

        £135 seems a little pricey to me but it looks like a great time!

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          I think the price has increased somewhat since I went, but perhaps not.

          In any event, we got a probably £80 piece of beef to take home, and had a great huge dinner, wine, and the course. I thought it was cheap!!

          1. re: brokentelephone

            Yes, that was my point. If you are taking home £80 piece of meat that definitely takes the sting out of the £135 price tag. Being tourists who fly home a few days later...that £80 piece of meat would be given to someone else. Not to mention there are two of us who would do it.

            I'm going to look and see if we have anything local that does that. If not...maybe we have a new business!

        2. I'm off to the lamb one in a couple of weeks so will report back. Universal praise from everyone I know who's been.

          1. I've been to the pork one and it was excellent. We watched them break down half a pig, then made a porchetta. Dinner was porchetta they made earlier with the most fantastic crackling, plus the amazing dauphinoise potatoes, and an own-brand chilli jam. I agree though that without the take-home meat it's probably quite expensive.