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Jun 28, 2013 12:13 PM

Has Anyone Tried AOC at Their New Location?

AOC has moved to a new spot on 3rd Street - the former Orso location. The photos of the space on the website are very appealing to me - the lovely patio, in particular. The menu looks roughly the same as it was, but I think the Focaccia and Platters sections are new. Has anyone been?

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  1. I've been, but damned if I remember what we ordered. That's not to say I didn't enjoy what we had; I did, but my friend did most of the ordering since she had been there fairly recently, and the point of the dinner was more to catch up than to study the food.

    I remember the old space being quite cramped; in terms of decor, this one almost seemed like an updated Lucques to me (not a bad thing)....

    1. Went last week and it feels very different now compared to the old space. Much less cramped, patio is very nice, and food is as good as ever. I highly recommend the Spanish fried chicken with romesco

      1. Have been there about 3 times since they moved. The new space is very welcoming and warm. Each time, we have been seated on the patio. That patio is the gorgeous and so comfortable. Have had several items from the menu. Charcuterie is very nice. Also love the Spanish fried chicken, clams, homemade sausages....I am forgetting a lot of dishes as we sampled so many. Service, each time was excellent. This AOC has a full bar and they make a GREAT cocktail.

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          Agree - AOC has improved on many fronts, and it started out at a pretty high level!

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            I have not been to the new venue, but everyone I know who has agrees with Bob.

        2. i agree with maudie and ciao bob. love the new aoc location. :>

          we tried the arugula, strawberry, walnuts, rhubarb & feta salad. super fresh and yummy!

          cauliflower, curry & red vinegar: lightly seasoned and lovely as well.

          spanish fried chicken was pretty good also (not amazin' but nice)

          roasted chicken “ode to zuni”, panzanella, fennel & green olives. it was "Ok". some of it was moist, some of it was dried out (a few pieces of the breast, one leg).

          only big disappointment was their "pappardelle, asparagus, morels & parmesan": it had a decent good taste (but not as great as the best italian places in town), but at $15, it was a laughable portion (like it was the size of *one* person's tiny portion if it was a tasting menu lolol).

          overall it was enjoyable; can't wait to go back. :>

          1. I finally went on Sunday night, and as you all said, it was lovely. We had focaccia (ricotta, green garlic, roasted artichokes, mint), cauliflower (curry & red vinegar), arroz negro (squid & saffron aïoli), spanish fried chicken, and a cheese plate. Oh, and brown butter tart for dessert. The food was excellent, the service was very good, and the room was lovely. My only complaint is that I had specifically requested a table on the patio when I made my reservation, but upon arrival at 7 PM was informed that there wouldn't be one available until 9 PM. But I guess EVERYONE can't sit on the patio. =)