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Jun 28, 2013 11:44 AM

Sunday Brunch in Kennet Square

Have surprise weekend guests coming today and we plan to take them to Kennett on Sunday before they head back to DC. Because of time conflicts, we are looking to do a brunch type thing.

I know of the Stone Barn, but is there anything in downtown Kennett? goto knowledgeable one....any recs or suggestions?????????

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  1. I'd call The Farmhouse in Avondale...which is almost Kennett ..and see if they do brunch

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    1. Sorry, FCF -- I didn't see this until just now, and I'm sure that it's too late, but the place I would have recommended for brunch is not in Kennett. It's the Terrain Garden Cafe at Styers on Rt. 1 in Glen Mills. I'm sure you know where I mean. It's REALLY nice for brunch. I celebrated my birthday there last year with a brunch for family and friends and we all enjoyed it. And, for bonus points, it's BYO with no corkage. (Okay, so it's never really too early in the day for me to imbibe.) We brought along a few bottles of Prosecco, ordered a couple of pitchers of OJ and partied on.

      So where DID you end up?

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        Thanks, Cindy........yes, know it wel! Forgot about the brunch tho. But actually, I had forgotten that Brandywine River Museum has free admission on sunday AM (until noon) and a decent little breakfast place (also for lunch). I have been thru the museum countless times, but we had a simple breakfast, my guests toured the museum while we went home.and then they returned all gushing. Sice it's less than a mile from our house, it turned out perfect

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          That does sound perfect. Don't ya just love it when you come up with "solutions" like that?