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Jun 28, 2013 11:02 AM

So I Walked Out of Ngon Last Night....

First of all, let me say I love Ngon. I've never had a bad meal there yet. I have written here and many other places that their Pho is my favorite in the city. Yet I had to walk out last night. It had nothing to do with the food or the service. It had to do with the heat. It had to be 85 degrees in there with 90% humidity. It felt like I was sitting in the Pho. I had a suit and tie on having just come from work which didn't help, but my wife had on a sundress and she was miserable too. The server said there was nothing they could do, it was always like that???? So we left. It wasn't going to be enjoyable to eat. I felt bad because I really love the place, but not that much.

I don't ever remember it being that hot in there? Or have I just never been there on a warm humid day?

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  1. They're not in a good place right now, it has seemed to both me and my wife of late. While we've not had the heat you're talking about, we have had a string of less than desirable service treatments, all of which has led us to rethink it as our go-to.
    I love the place, but they need to get their stuff together. They're not doing themselves any favors. Anyone else have recent issues? (Bear in mind--I want them to succeed more than any restaurant I can think of within fifteen minutes of my house. Well--maybe a tie with Brasa.)

    1. About 2 summers ago we had the same issue. We didn't even sit down at a table. We were just standing in the entry WAITING for a table and knew we'd never make it through the meal. At that time they said their AC was broken, but maybe they don't have AC at all? I'm not sure.

      We had a bad service incident awhile back where the waiter lost my husband's credit card for some length of time and then discovered that he had given it to another table. Not a great feeling with identity theft running rampant. We did convince them that "something" needed to be done to rectify that issue and they did give us a $20 gc for the trouble but we haven't been back in yet to use it. Sounds like we'd better pick a cooler day for that excursion.

      1. We had the sweltering heat problem several years ago, like maybe 4 years ago.