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Recommendations for chicken stock in cans or cartons?

Hello -- I know that homemade chicken stock is best, but there are times I need a splash of stock and don't have homemade on hand. Are there brands of shelf-stable stock that people recommend? I don't like the taste of Swanson's, which for reasons I can't understand seems to get high marks.


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  1. I use Pacific or Kirkland Organic in cartons. I don't like cans, seem to give an after taste.

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      +1 with the Kirkland Organic. It's easy to transport the 6-pack and to always have on hand. It tastes as good as any I've had also.

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        Another vote for Kirkland. I'm totally impressed with the quality, flavour and price. Excellent value for money IMO.

    2. Deborah

      I always favor the organic Imagine brand No Chicken Broth. It's vegetarian. They have a long list of soups and broths. Here's a link.


      If you only need a splash sometimes, and won't have a use for more in the near future, pour the leftovers into ice cube trays and freeze. Pop them out when frozen, put in a freezer zip bag, and you can grab one or two when you need them.

      Alternatively, I usually have a jar of Better Than Bouillon base in the fridge. It lasts a very long time. And if you just need a splash of broth, a teaspoon of this stuff might do the trick for you. It's high in sodium (although I think they might have some low sodium ones as well), so don't salt too much before you add the paste. Dissolve a little in some water if you're deglazing.

      1. I like the More than Gourmet Roasted Chicken Stock. It comes as a concentrate that you add water to. I freeze in an ice cube tray, so it's handy when I need a small amount for a sauce.

        1. I know it isn't really responsive, but when I make stock it goes into a variety of freezer containers of different sizes. I also use Better than Bouillon when the dish can handle the saltiness.

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              FYI....Costco stocks BTB in a low sodium version. A truly great improvement.

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                I do too, and I like that Kitchen Basics makes sodium free and small cartons that hold just a cup are available.

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                  +2 for Kitchen Basics. If I have leftovers of it, just pour into ice cube trays, freeze, dump the cubes in a freezer bag, and use, as needed.

              2. If you have a Kroger owned store in your area, their Simple Truth brand in the cartons is good. Simple Truth is Kroger's store-brand for organics.

                1. I like the Knorr stuff, doesn't take up much space. http://www.knorr.com/product/detail/2...

                  1. I used to always use Pacific or Kitchen Basics. I tried Better than Bullion and I haven't gone back it tastes good, takes up less room and saves a lot of money (a jar is about the same price of 2 boxes of Pacific and lasts a couple months).

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                      The Knorr demi glace product is good too.

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                        have you tried any of Minors other bases? I'm curious about the pork base in particular...

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                          Just the beef, which is ok.

                          BJs Warehouse only sells those two. The other flavors are harder to find. And sort of spendy. BJs chix and beef are really cheap.

                      2. These days I'm using WF's 365 reduced sodium chicken broth. It seems just as good as any other I've used, with far less sodium.

                        1. If its at all useful, America's Test Kitchen just re-did their chicken broth testing. The cartons of Swanson chicken stock won, and I know you say you don't like it, but the Better Than Bouillon regular (as opposed to reduced salt) chicken base came in second, with their Best Buy award.

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                            I also listened to that program, and switched from Pacific boxed broth to Better Than Boullion. I'm quite impressed with the flavor improvement, plus I can mix up just the amount I need.

                          2. I have not had commercial chicken stock for awhile, so I am not up-to-speed. I did like the Wolfgang pick chicken stock.


                            In all honesty, I looked at the ingredients, and whichever one looked the simplest, I bought.