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Jun 28, 2013 10:11 AM

OK Ryan--Another Taiwanese Import From Los Angeles Open in Flushing

Another Taiwanese restaurant has opened up on College Point Bl., just two doors down from Homers Taste. OK Ryan is the sibling to Canaan Restaurant, a single location restaurant in Cerritos CA that's a bit unlikely to open an out of state branch as compared to Liang's Kitchen which has a string of California locations. Canaan is unique among Taiwanese restaurants in Los Angeles in that they tout their food as being healthy, without MSG. The L.A. location also publicized a low fat, low salt menu, though they may have backed away from that. OK Ryan is noteworthy on a couple of other counts besides the lack of MSG. First of all is their stinky tofu, which I suspect is the best in Flushing. Also they do an unbelievable box lunch business. At 11 am, there are five gals there furiously stuffing dozens styrofoam trays with Taiwanese combination lunches. Presumably they have a lot of standing lunch orders as the boxes were bagged and delivered immediately. OK Ryan is at 41-04 College Point Blvd.

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  1. Any idea what the name in Chinese is?

      1. Thanks for this stinky tofu notice.

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        1. re: mookleknuck

          +1. Thank you for the stinky tofu notice: I would alter my jogging route accordingly.

          Frankly, I would not be willing to do so for Canaan. I tried them in both College Point and in Elmhurst and I'm not exactly running back, since I am jogging past so many takeout places where "boys with strong hands" are in charge of cooking.

        2. OK Ryan isn't exactly new. I know it was there last year. It may be much older than that.
          There is also a Canaan restaurant in College Point -- -- and from that website it looks like they are related to OK Ryan too.

          I'm not a fan of stinky tofu? Is there anything else they do well?

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          1. re: el jefe

            Killer onion pancakes. OK Ryan is less than a year old, since there was a Thai restaurant at that location when I dropped by Homers Taste last June.

          2. yah some of my friends have been telling me to go here, i think it has one of those menus with way too much stuff on it and has some non-chinese food on the menu, but my friends were telling me various taiwanese dishes to order. ill give it a try

            interesting that its part of a place from cerritos, pretty random haha

            since LA places are opening here...can someone tell sin ba la and DTF to open a place here?

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              Din Tai Fung is rather quirky, and a thread on the LA board indicates they have an in house astrologist on payroll and are guided by feng shui in opening new locations. This seems to be validated by their US presence. They have two branches in Arcadia, CA, a half block apart. Their only other open US location is in Seattle. And their next two locations are in Costa Mesa, CA and Glendale, CA, neither of which have a significant Chinese population, but which do have upscale regional malls that draw a lot of Chinese tourists. On the other hand, they have ignored not only New York, but also Canada and the San Francisco Bay Area. (The Din Tai Fung in Markham, Ont. outside of Toronto is a fake.)

              1. re: Chandavkl

                oh they're opening up one in costa mesa? awesome, so much closer to where my house in CA is

                yah im aware of how difficult it is to get them to let you open up a franchise branch, ive got friends attempting to do it right now

                1. re: Lau

                  South Coast Plaza. Chinese tourists were grumbling about the lack of Chinese food options there, so this is how the mall is placating them.

                  1. re: Chandavkl

                    awesome, SCP is right next to newport, that place is going to be a zoo though when it opens

                2. re: Chandavkl

                  At some point DTF were considering opening a branch in Flushing, but they found the rents too high for their taste.

                  1. re: diprey11

                    Surprised that would deter them. Having a DTF in New York or the Bay Area (or Vancouver or a real one in Toronto) would be a license to print money.