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How often do you eat your favorite dish?

Assuming cost and availability are not a limitation. Steak/lobster/caviar/refried beans/fill-in-the-blank once a month? Once a week? Three times a week? How much does 'too often' interfere with your enjoyment?

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  1. It's rare that we cook the same dish at all regularly.

    We might cook, say, lamb chops every week but it'd usually be to a sufficiently different recipe that it's a different dish. I suppose we have old favourites like, say, a sausage & bean casserole that we do every 3 months of so.

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      Thank you for your reply, it make me feel "more normal" since I don't even get the concept. Why would you want to eat something you have already tried when there are a zillion new things out there. Life is way too short for food re-runs although I do understand that some people need that sort of consistency.

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        Life is also too short to try things you very well may not like. I would add that some dishes are so beloved to individuals that they want to have them over and over again. Personally, my wife and I have an index of close to 300 dishes that we cycle through, occasionally weeding and occasionally augmenting. That's a lot of variety, but it also leaves room for us to occasionally have favorites that have been family staples since we were children.

    2. I don't have just one favorite dish. I guess maybe hamburgers might be up there though? It varies how often I have it though, sometimes it's 3 times a week, other times it will be once a month.

      1. My favorite porterhouse is a couple times a month. Any more often and it would not be a treat.

        Never in a restaurant. Too many new things to try and enjoy.

        1. I would eat fresh seafood/shellfish (raw or cooked) every day were cost not a factor in my household. There are sufficient varieties and varieties of preparation that it wouldn't get old for me.

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          1. The title asks how often you eat your favorite dish. The post asks how often you would eat your favorite dish if cost and availability were not limiting factors.

            Fortunately for me, my favorite dish (chicken and dumplings) is inexpensive and readily available, so I can knock off both birds with one rock. I have chicken and dumplings about once every two and a half months.

            1. Too me there is a difference between a favorite every day dish and a favorite "special occasion" food/dish.

              I definitely have "favorites" that are in regular rotation- salmon, steaks from our recent cow, burrito/tacos, shrimp, lamb burgers, etc. I eat them often (usually once a week or so) but not to the point of "ugh, not again".

              There are other foods I love but eating them once or twice a month is plenty but not eating them for 6 months/year doesn't make me sad either. Lobster, marrow, lasagna, take out chinese/thai, the lamb gyro from a place down the street, etc.

              Cost is rarely a deterrent. I budget for splurges.

              1. If I was alone, I would eat spaghetti with pesto or tomato sausage sauce most nights. My husband favors pasta with broccoli and sausage--we have that at least once a week.

                1. I have two.

                  During Tomato Months, we always have a big pitcher of gazpacho in the fridge. Always. And eat it every day. I never get sick of it; it would be my deathbed request: a cold glass of gazpacho made with high summer homegrown tomatoes. If we have surplus tomatoes, we freeze and then enjoy February gazpachos.

                  My other favorite dish is scrambled eggs. To be perfection, served along side a pile of vinaigrette dressed greens. I *could* eat it every day, but strive for more variety. Still, this summer has been mind-numbingly busy, and a scrambled egg and salad supper has shown up on the table three times in the past week (we usually have it twice a week, so that's not too much of a stretch, I guess.) No complaints from this quarter! Honestly, if every restaurant had Scrambled Eggs with a Dressed Salad on the menu, I would order it Every. Damn. Time. With gazpacho as a first course.

                  As for enjoyment-interference? Never.

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                      Oh my. Oh my. Can this be? You might be right! Let me check...nope, the box wine is still in the fridge. Aaaand now I know what my earworm of the day will be...

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                      This is a really interesting post because I also can eat scrambled eggs for multiple meals a week, and truly truly enjoy it as a favorite. This is often limited to very busy weeks where there isn't a lot of time to fuss with complicated dinners - but once a month or so, I usually will have an "egg" week where 3 dinners a week can easily be scrambled eggs.

                      However, more "special occasion" or heavier favorites - I do think that I'd grow disinterested in with heavy repetition. Dishes such as steak, cheese heavy or fried favorites I wouldn't enjoy as much if I ate regularly. Weight gain aside, just the way those foods sit makes me appreciate the anticipation of having it infrequently.

                    3. I don't really have a specific favorite. It changes. I am a huge fan of toast. Either with butter and jam or Texas toast. And I just had Texas toast yesterday. The man and kids are huge fans of Zaxby's. I get toast pretty often.

                      1. "How often do you eat your favorite dish?
                        ...Assuming cost and availability are not a limitation."

                        Daily. Every day. Any sauce or gravy, daily. food pepared with a sauce or gravy of any kind, daily. Every day. Saucy. Very Saucy.

                        A day without sauce? Never! Gotta love the sauce!

                        1. Right now I'm eating tomato sandwiches for lunch about 5 days a week. ~~ I'm eating fresh tomatoes in some form for breakfast , lunch, and supper everyday. ~~ Mmmm fried green tomatoes for supper tonight!!!

                          1. How do eat your favorite dish more than once? Do you keep going to the store to buy the same dish over and over again, or do you just buy a lot of them at the same time? What if it's vintage or not being made anymore? When I ate my grandma's favorite dish - the one with roses painted around the rim - she cried for like a week because her mother had brought it over here from Poland. Dishes like that you can only ever eat once, so think twice before eating them.