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Jun 28, 2013 09:37 AM

Hi - Going to be in MPLS week of 7/8, Need recos

Used to live up in Mn in late 90's, enjoyed D'Amico Cucina a great deal, but understand it has been closed for quite awhile.

Will be staying downtown.

What are some of the better places to visit these days?


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  1. Will you have a car? If not, will you be walking or taking a taxi? What kind of food are you looking for?

    If you can narrow it down a bit, you'll get better responses.

    This general question has been asked and answered many times, as a cursory search will show. Here's a very recent thread to get you started.

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    1. re: ChillyDog

      Yes, we will have a car, and are willing to drive if need be.

      As far as cuisine, I always lean towards authentice Italian (Northern), but frankly enjoy all cuisines - we're not steakhouse people (yawn),

      But New American, Asian-Influenced, French Influenced, frankl anything is fine for us as long as it is inventive, flavorful, and great atmosphere.

      Wine is very important part of mix - good wine list with eclectic selections another bonus!

      1. re: masnole

        I had dinner at Borough recently and it was fantastic.

    2. If you enjoyed D'Amico Cucina, the D'Amico's have a couple of good restaurants in town: Cafe Lurcat is an steakhouse with Asian influences, Parma in Bloomington is rustic Italian, and Masa is contemporary Mexican.
      The "hot" places in town getting all the press are The Butcher and the Boar, known for its bourbon list and grilled meats.
      Sea Change's chef just was nominated for a Beard award, and is doing amazing things with fresh sea food.
      Saffron is currently my personal favorite, its in the warehouse district and is modern middle eastern/med cuisine.
      There are tons of great places in town, let us know where you go!

      1. If it were me and money was no object, I'd go with the following for dinners out in the downtown Minneapolis area. I'm not sure how long you are here, but these would be my calls:

        -La Belle Vie. It is our best restaurant overall in the Twin Cities. If it is good enough for Thomas Keller, it is good enough for me. Since you mentioned D'Amico which was the long-time king of the Mpls dining scene, I thought I'd mention this one.

        -Sanctuary: The $35 Monday-Thursday tasting menu is a steal and the food is outstanding.

        -Borough: One of the few restaurants where the experience matches the hype.

        -Butcher and the Boar: The suburban steak house brought downtown. Can't go wrong with meat and bourbon

        -Sea Change: Chef Malone is a rising star in the culinary world and she does excellent work with seafood

        -Haute Dish: Creative takes on classic Midwestern Comfort Food.

        -You also have the traditional steakhouses as options too including Manny's, Murray's, Capital Grille, JD Hoyts, etc. If traditional seafood is a must, Oceanaire is your best bet. Oceanaire does have a great Happy Hour too so check their website when it is available.

        1. La Belle Vie, Alma, Saffron, Piccolo, Bachelor Farmer all have top quality food and wine lists that are both interesting and match the cuisine.

          112 Eatery, Bar La Grassa, Vincent, Haute Dish all have good food, but the wine lists are only average.

          If you venture to St. Paul, both Heartland and Meritage are in the good food, good wine list bucket.

          Finally, if you are truly into Italian that is more than pasta, you really should drive to Osteria i Nonni in Lilydale. Good wines, too.

          1. Also Bar La Grassa is amazing.