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Jun 28, 2013 08:35 AM

Red Door Grill, Leawood, KS

Have you been? What did you think? What were the prices like?

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  1. Haven't myself, this reviewer is typically reliable:

    1. Went to Red Door Grill last week for lunch. The service was extremely accomodating and the food a mixed bag. I had the roasted tomato, mozzarella, and arugula salad. Great dressing and I loved the arugula, but the tomato did not seem roasted - instead it was almost like a large canned tomato had landed on my plate. Two people at the table had flatbreads - they both loved the crust and the person who ordered the one with sausage was very happy with the toppings. The person who ordered the artichoke flatbread wished that the artichoke was not chopped quite so fine as it lacked texture.

      The chicken salad sandwich was pronounced bland but the house and the caesar salads were fresh and delicious.

      No complaints from the one who ordered the steak sandwich and the teenager who ordered the chicken tenders from the child's menu said that they were great.

      I would go back during happy hour and give it another try - there is an outside area for one of our nice weather evenings.

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        Is this Deb Gold's new venture? Any idea if they are opening any more soon?