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Jun 28, 2013 07:49 AM

Reasonable Dinner and a walk?

I'm planning a date night for Saturday 7/13 and was thinking of either going to the Rittenhouse Square area or East Passyunk area for dinner and stroll around the area for coffee or dessert afterwards. Looking for places to eat that aren't too pricey (entrees around $20). Any particular places stick out and best itinerary for dinner and coffee/dessert? Preferably no Italian or Asian.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Close to E. Passyunk, reasonable, byob and good: August.

    1. It's not strictly Italian.

      1. I've been going to the new place on Passyunk, Noord, quite a lot lately. It's BYO, which keeps the price down, though entrees start around $17 they range to the upper $20s. I've enjoyed the appetizers more than the entrees though, if I were you I'd get the bitterballen and the smorrebrod and whatever other appetizers look good to you and skip entrees entirely. Desserts there are very good too, get the butter cake.

        Noord is also right on the Fountain and has windows that open to the street, so if the weather is not too hot, the windows will be open and it can be nice to hear the crowd outside.

        1. A great place to stroll to after dinner (if you are in the Rittenhouse area) would be Magpie on South around 16th. If you like the idea of a pie-destined stroll, then you need to find a place within a few blocks of there. If 8 blocks is ok for you, I'd recommend Kanella at 10th and Spruce. The entrees are a tiny bit above your price point but you can make a meal of the starters (or share an entree). The manti, for example, are wonderful, filling, and approx $10.

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            My preferred destination for dessert in this horrid weather would be Capogiro. So you have choices up around 20th as well as on 13th.

            Jamonera might work, though you would probably limit yourselves to about 5 plates (~ dollar a plate) for Tapas, with Capogiro right down the street.

            El Rey, or El Vez would fit in the price range, El Rey being much closer to the Rittenhouse area, and closer to the 20th st Capogiro.

            For a light supper, Tria makes great salads, and would be close to Capogiro.

            Or if you want inexpensive/healthy you have the Mama's Vegetarian or Hip City Vedge Options.

            If you want Lobster within your budget, you could do Luke's Lobster Rolls (shrimp and crab also available). No atmosphere but would be a low key kind of place. I had wanted to also suggest the Oyster House but entrees are on average 5 dollars above your price point, but you could go there if you stuck to their small plate menu.

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              Near the 13th st capogiro is the new Inde Blue. I haven't been and don't see any comments here. Has anyone been?

          2. Tria locations just off Rittenhouse or Washington Square has an good number of item within your price range and the Squares provide offer great strolling.