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Jun 28, 2013 07:43 AM

Recs for Indian and Turkish restaurants in Oxford? Rec for a bakery selling traditional English baked goods?

Which would you recommend the most? I noticed many Indian restaurants ranked near the top on the Tripadvisor restaurant list (I realize the TA rankings are sometimes the result of self-promotion), but haven't read much about any Oxford Indian restaurants on Chowhound. Which would you consider the better ones? Chutneys? Qumin?

How is the food at Bodrum? Typical kebab quality or is it worth a visit if I'll have several meals in Oxford? How is the food at Bar-Meze?

Also, apart from what I might find in the covered market, is there a good bakery for Engish baked goods, such as Chelsea buns or Eccles Cakes?

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  1. We don't go out for curry very often, so you'll have to take the following with a grain of salt. 4500 Miles From Delhi serves consistently fresh food- my husband is a big fan. Others have recommended Chutneys over Qumin to me, but I have been to neither.

    I have not tried any of the Turkish places.

    For baked goods, honestly, the only place I can think of is the Marks & Spencer (not to resurrect a previous discussion or anything!). I'm racking my brains for where else, maybe one of the Taylor's deli outposts- there's one on the High. There are also a couple of deli/quick sandwich type places on the Broad, but I cannot attest to their quality.

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      Thank you, Palladium.
      I'll keep 4500 Miles from Delhi on our shortlist. Their menu looks good to me.
      re: the baked goods, thank you!
      I found Nash's Bakery online, and they have a location in the Covered Market, and another at Blackbird Leys, so I'll probably check out at least one location.

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        Hi Palladium,
        I just wanted to report back. I ended up trying the Eccles Cake and Chelsea Bun from Nash's in the Covered Market, which were quite good, and surprisingly slightly less expensive than the baked goods at Marks and Spencer.

        If you happen to be in the Cotswolds, I really liked the Lardy Cake and Chelsea Bun I bought at the Huffkins in Burford . The Chelsea Bun had more spices than the Nash's version.

        I didn't end up going out for Indian in Oxford, but we did have a nice Thai Lunch at Chiang Mai. which was my first experience with Thai food in Oxford and in England. They offer several lunch specials, as well.