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Jun 28, 2013 07:05 AM

Brennan's Article on Nola.com - 6/28/13

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  1. The Brennan clan is dangerously close to "give a dog a bad name" if they are not there already. It took Archie twenty years to get the stench off Arnaud's after Germaine ran it into the ground. The imbroglio of the Brennans--and their pretense--have been wildly amusing for decades but I feel sorry for the staff some of whom recall the glory days of expense accounts and riotous evenings with rich tourists. Brennan's itself was never really a truly local place in my opinion. And a friend of mine never liked what they did to Commander's..she also would have hated Emeril's destruction of Delmonico's as a neighborhood joint/

    1. I have been receiving e-mails, text messages, and calls from around the world. Each wants to know, "What the hell happened?"

      Unfortunately, I have not gathered all the facts - though a ton of speculation.

      Sad days for me.