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Jun 28, 2013 06:20 AM

Why has no one mentioned Tink's yet?

Pretzel-breaded fried chicken ... scrumptious on every level, great spicy mustard.

Duck confit tater tots ... evil things, should be banned like cocaine

Pork belly ... fatty, a bit too unctuous, but well-spiced

Chocolate pig sliders ... need I say more?

Naan pizza .. avoid, dry and crumbly, not a good get

Good little spot in the EV.

You. Should. Go.

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    1. Wow, am l slow: this is around the corner from me! Gonna try asap, thanks.

      1. l went to Tink's for brunch a couple of weeks ago with my gf: good food and a pretty good deal. l had biscuits in sausage gravy, with a pair of poached eggs on top: very tasty and filling. My gf had an omelet, which she enjoyed.

        l went back with my son for dinner last week; we had [copying from menu here]

        -Prime Angus Sliders:
        Tink’s cheese sauce, onion jam, cornichons, cherry tomato, pain d’avignon brioche bun, shoestring fries, rosemary salt [perfectly medium rare, well-seasoned, good shoestring fries, all very good]

        -gnocchi in a mushroom sauce with truffle oil [gnocchi was nice and light, sauce thankfully not overwhelmed by truffle oil, which l'm generally not crazy about]

        -"Disco Is Dead," their version of disco fries that you mentioned: l would've like it a lot more if the tots were crispy, but otherwise good, rich flavor

        -"Belly Rub," the pork belly you had. Skin was a bit inconsistent in terms of crispiness, but a pretty solid dish

        The four dishes filled us up nicely; service both times was very pleasant and efficient. l think it's a great addition to the neighborhood.