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Jun 28, 2013 05:16 AM

Uses for fresh lavender?

I got a bunch of fresh lavender in this past week's CSA. Never cooked with lavender, fresh or dried, and I have no idea what to do with it. Most of my google searches yielded information on drying it out. Any recipes (pescetarian only, please) people would suggest? Also, what is the best way to store it fresh? Thanks!

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  1. Some years ago I had a fantastic lavender panna cotta with roasted peaches.

    Found this recipe for the panna cotta.

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      Sounds wonderful except I've yet to make panna cotta since I don't eat gelatin. Still have to make the effort to find a vegetarian substitute...

    2. Heat up a cup of honey and infuse it with a spoonful of lavender or make up a batch of black currant sorbet with lavender. I've sprinkled it over chicken and I suppose you could do the same with a thicker cut of fish that you'd oven roast.

      1. Hi Ariel, I like to use my fresh lavender in my herb-infused water. Just place a sprig or two in a half gallon of purified water and let it infuse in the refrigerator overnight. So easy and refreshing. The best way to preserve a large amount of lavender is to dry it. Just hang it upside down in a dark spot for a couple weeks, remove blossoms and store in canning jars. Another great way to use lavender is in home-spa treatments, baths, and to make your laundry smell good... here's a link. Enjoy!

        1. If you're up to it, I think you'd have great luck if you wanted to invest the time and money (and patience) to make Herbes de Provence. I've had great luck using the blend (dried obv) on grilled swordfish and in stews, but I confess I've never used it fresh (or straight alone) on fish.

          1. Lavender shortbread is wonderful.

            Stash a few springs in a cupful of sugar to infuse lavender scent and flavor. Great for sprinkling over grilled foods.

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              came here to say this. A little goes a long way; don't overdo it.