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Jun 28, 2013 12:34 AM

Sushi Taku / Nishiazabu

A fried is coming into town late, and I just noticed that Sushi Taku is open until very late, so we can show up at midnight and still get served, which is ideal. Is it any good though? Uncle Yabai mentioned on this board that he was not impressed. Has anyone been?

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  1. Did you manage to get a booking? I know it's a bit late now, but Sushisho Masa is open till 3am.

    すし匠 まさ
    東京都港区西麻布4-1-15 セブン西麻布 B1F

    1. Didnt get sushi Taku trend, it has been the reviewed a lot by the press for the wine and sushi pairing. IMHO, wine and sushi is more a fantasy than a combination flavor, for exemple ikura sushi with wine.. This month, I might try sushi Wasabi(shh!), booking is unfortunately until 21:30.

      1. Thank youboth very much!