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Jun 27, 2013 08:36 PM

Eat Fresh Be Healthy - Dundas and University

Can anyone tell me about this place? I saw it on the Summerlicious list but I can't find any posts about it on Chowhound.

Obviously, the name is revolting... but it looks like it has some strong fundamentals.

Anyone been?

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  1. It has 4.5 stars on Yelp (35 reviews), 94% on Urbanspoon, and rated #1 on Tripadvisor...


    Not even a BlogTO entry! No newspaper has reviewed it.

    Can you buy reviews now on these sites? What gives?

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    1. re: jmeggs

      Folks, Eat Fresh Be Healthy is the real deal!

      I work in the area. This guy worked in fancy restos and then decided to do it for the people. The food is outstanding especially for the price. And the owners are two of the nicest people you care to meet. In addition to their beautiful food they throw in some Tamil specialties In a nod to their own heritage. Great spot that deserves support and success.

    2. I regularly get a sandwich for lunch from here. They're always delicious, filling and full of fresh ingredients and not too expensive if getting take out. The times I've been in, they've had plenty of eat-ins at lunch and the dishes look really tempting. But dining in costs more than I want to spend at lunch.

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        Really? I got the impression based on the Yelp pictures that it was more of a dinner place. But that's good to know. Maybe one day when I am around there and hungry, I will stop by for lunch.

        1. re: mnajji

          I did not have a chance to go, but my fiancee was there last night with friends. They are not picky eaters, and found their meal enjoyable. Some comments:

          - portions were generous especially considering the price
          - very slow getting the dishes out, maybe understaffed
          - started turning away customers due to this reason
          - patrons at another table said the pork and pasta dishes were very good

          The staff asked my fiancee's group whether they were tourists/out-of-towners, as that is the bulk of their clientele. I wonder if someone "pumped up" the reputation of this place to attract them, or they are a hidden gem that the rest of us do not know about?

          1. re: nogoro

            Haha, okay good to know. Yeah, I can believe it given all of the hotels in the area.

            But it sounds like they are the real deal.

      2. I went with two friends for lunch today. The food was simply wonderful. For the mains, two of us had the perfectly cooked salmon with a fruit salsa. It was delicious. The third entree was a beautiful piece of chicken. For the appetizers, I had a scrumptious tomato salad with cheese. My friends had a pineapple passion fruit soup that they said was scrumptious. We tried to desserts- ice cream and a mango flan- a real treat. Eat fresh, be healthy has an awkward name, but the food is superbly prepared, the servings are generous and the service is very attentive. I can't wait to return for dinner!!! This restaurant is a hidden gem.

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        1. re: snoobie

          This might be a photo of the salmon. My fiancee had it and thought it was great.

        2. Had dinner there tonight, thanks to Chow, and will be going back. Food is fresh, flavourful, well prepared, in generous servings with great service. The dinner fixed price menu at $25 for appetizer, main and dessert is worth every penny.

          What a great find!