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Jun 27, 2013 07:12 PM

Should we have a volunteer system for the CH who chooses the the Dish of the Month?

It’s been proposed that we emulate the experiment by the Cheese board (for their cheese plate of the month) and have rotating CH volunteers pick our monthly Dish of the Month, as opposed to nominating and voting on it every month. Each volunteer would make the choices for three consecutive months. Then the next volunteer would take over for the next three months, and so on. CSTR has graciously offered to coordinate creating the volunteer list. Only four volunteers would be needed to cover an entire year.

The benefits of this plan include being surprised by the selected Dish of the Month as chosen by the volunteer coordinators, and not having to go through the process of group nominations and down-selection every month, which is democratic but tedious.

CSTR has been the de facto “Dish of the Month Dictator” for June and July, and I suspect would be willing to make the selection one more time in August. The question is this: Do other CHs want to adopt the proposed arrangement beginning in September? A simple yay or nay will do, but comments are welcome, of course.

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    1. cstr, I hope you don't think I'm trying to hijack your post. If you do, I appologize. I'm trying to give the poll you initiated more visibility, since it was buried in a subthread on your original post for July Dish of the Month. Anyway, it seems that so far we have implicit yes votes from you, me, Marian, and possily RBH, and a yes vote from FN. Plaese correct me if I'm wrong. I haven't heard any explicit or implicit nays.

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        Go for it, you're correct didn't want to get this buried in the July thread. I'm a Yay. If the thread doesn't get much more action, I'll ask for volunteers for the quarterly dictator role.