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Jun 27, 2013 07:11 PM

Recommendations for MB Post Newbies?

Taking the SO for a special meal in a few weeks, going on a Saturday at 12pm, already got our reservations and very excited. So anyone got any must-tries for us? Just thought maybe there is something seasonal or something that they only do on weekends that we should be aware of... My wife is really into shrimp/lobster and other seafood, so if there is anything to recommend along those lines that would be great too.
Also, is it a casual dining experience (jeans & T-shirt ok), or is it a bit more dressy? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Very casual, especially for lunch...and IMHO very disappointing and over-rated. Please report back how you like it!

    1. Very casual. I went about 1.5 months ago for brunch and it was enjoyable. My favorites were the biscuits and the chimichanga. I actually don't remember much seafood on the menu. It was definitely egg and meat heavy.

      1. If seafood is what you are looking for MB Post opened a new restaurant right next door called Fishing With Dynamite with a great raw bar and wonderful seafood dishes. You might even want to change your reservation?

        1. I have had some excellent meals there, but find it hard to give recommendations because they change the menu often. Ask your server after explaining your preferences - they are usually very well informed. Among regular items, the chimichaga was unexceptional by itself but served with such excellent sides that it approached greatness.

          1. Here's my recent review of MB Post:

            I concur with weinermobile's rec of going to sister restaurant FwD if your wife's really into seafood. However, if you have your heart set on MB Post, your wife should definitely get the steamed mussels as a seafood lover. May sound pedestrian, but their mac & cheese is excellent too. My wife's favorite is the "Elvis" dessert.

            MBP and FwD is sometimes willing to send dishes to each other, if you want one particular thing from one of the restaurants but are dining in the other. We went to FwD for Father's Day and my wife got the "Elvis" dessert.

            If you do go to FwD (my review is in the works), I'd recommend the oysters from the raw bar; they were really fresh and plump, and I appreciated the labeling so I knew each of the oysters I was eating. I wasn't wowed by the scallops (grapefruit overpowers it) or the mussels, which is not to say they were bad. The chowder is another highlight.

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              Ask them to leave off the grapefruit--the Peruvian scallops are quite nice on their own or with a squeeze of lemon.