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Any ideas for great food in Ventura?

We are going to be spending some time in Ventura. Any great places?

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  1. was just at hc seafood last weekend. enjoyed the live rock crabs there.

      1. Maria Bonita, kitty-corner across Main St. from the Mission. Wonderful moles.

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          I love mole! Will definitely give this a try! Thanks.

        2. I have yet to try it, but I am told the Lure Fish House is very good.

          They have one in Camarillo and Ventura. I am scheduled to try it in the next couple of weeks and will report back.

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            I will be interested to hear what you think. Thanks.

          2. Check out Melissa Good Taste's excellent blog - she lives in Ojai and has reviews many restaurants in Ventura:


            1. I went to Lure in March, when I rented a beach house near Channel Islands. I thought it was good. Very nice service. I think I had tuna; he said they get it from Santa Monica Seafood. I knew it wouldn't be locally caught, but I'm AT SMS quite often. So it seemed a bit odd. But then, I should have ordered something local. That said....my favorite place to go up there....and I've been about a dozen times now....is Fishermans Catch. It's in Oxnard....in a strip mall...and a completely casual dining spot. But it's family owned, and you literally walk in and say "what did you catch today?" They'll grill it or fry it or make tacos out of it. They also have fresh fish that THEY haven't caught....but that they source from a variety of places. I've become addicted to their "bowls".....your choice of seafood--grilled--over rice and grilled vegetables. It is SO good and fresh. Again, very casual. But very fresh and good. If it wasn't so hot I'd climb in the car now and drive up there.....thinking about it has made me so hungry!

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                sounds like my kind of place! Thanks!

              2. Not "chow" but we had a good time at Saloon BBQ on Main Street. BBQ was decent. Ribs oversauced (prefer no sauce) but the brisket had a great smoky flavor and tender texture. Sides and cornbread were excellent.

                Overall we enjoyed the experience as a whole though. We were looking for a place to "go out" with a lively vibe, good drinks and good enough food. Had some great cocktails, particularly the "Lafayette" with rye and mezcal (nice touch of smoke). Would definitely go back.