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Jun 27, 2013 06:33 PM

Does Vacaville have any good restaurants?

One of my daughters lives in the Sacramento area, and the other in the Walnut Creek area, and I live in San Francisco. We were thinking meeting in Vacaville for my birthday would be about equal driving time for all of us. However, are there any good restaurants in Vacaville???? Thanking all of you ahead of time. Carol

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  1. You may get better response if you reposted this on the California board.

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    1. re: Tripeler

      No, Vacaville is in Solano County and part of the geography of this board.

      Mentioned more often than Vacaville are nearby Fairfield and Suisun City for alternate places to meet for a meal. Here's a post with some recs,

    2. Although not Vacaville, Port Costa's Bull Valley Roadhouse is in-between and intriguing. I haven't been but there have been some compelling writeups.

      1. I went to Kazan Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar a few months ago. Just a random sushi bar in a strip mall. Pretty decent, about the same level as a random place in sf. Lobster tempura was good.

        Certainly not a destination place, but i'd definitely pick it over a chain.

        1. Fairfield has a lot more going on and is just about equidistant from Sacramento and SF:

          1. I like Rose Thai, and the Pho place near Country Square Market. Clay Oven Indian is okay too.