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Awesome breakfasts or brunch in Tahoe (north or south)

Anyone have recommendations for amazing breakfasts in Tahoe? Whether it be South Lake Tahoe, Truckee, Tahoe City, Incline Village, anything from pastries to diners to brunches, I'm just looking for everyone's favorites. There aren't a lot of recent discussions on Tahoe breakfasts. Thanks!

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  1. Sunnyside near Homewood - North shore

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      Sunnyside may serve breakfast for guests staying there but otherwise not.

    2. We tried out Fire Sign Cafe in Tahoe City earlier this month. It was pretty good. My husband loved the french toast.

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        We love Fire Sign. Usually get the Baker's Benedict, which has a sausage patty instead of Can. bacon.

        1. Second on Sunnyside. One of my very favorite places to grab a bite or a drink in Tahoe.

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              The Log Cabin IS good but there are LONG lines. Almost always.

            2. Haven't been there in a few years, but we really like the Old Post Office Cafe in Carnelian Bay.

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                I don't DISlike the OPO but it doesn't ring any bells for me.

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                  Agree, it is the sort of place that looks like it should be great but I also walked away with disappointment too - an indifferent classic American breakfast, which is pretty hard not to get right. Caveat: this was several years ago, so maybe it is better. Had no interest in ever going back.

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                    It's also been a few years since we've been. We have friends who go there every time they're up. I think because it's the closest place to us (we live in Cedar Flat).

              2. Sorry for the late replies. I honestly forget that Tahoe is on the CA board while Reno is on SW.

                Fire Sign is our fave. But after that, we honestly like the breakfast at the Biltmore just over the CA/NV line on 28 and also Crystal Bay across the street. And if willing to drive a bit farther, the cafe at the Hyatt is REALLY good.

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                  Thanks for the Fire Sign rec!

                  The smoked salmon benedict used a house smoked salmon, the dry flaky kind, and had a generous portion of salmon and sautéed spinach. Very good!

                  Pear and pecan coffee cake had big chunks of crunchy fresh pear.

                  Be warned that this place was very popular on a Sunday morning. The wait was 45 minutes after our 10:30 arrival. While you wait, there's a separate building for coffee and fresh squeezed Orange juice.

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                    Yeah, it gets REALLY busy in the summer! Glad you liked it.

                    I'll add here that the Bridgetender right on the river in Tahoe City has been serving breakfast on weekends for awhile but we just found out about it. LOVE their lunches so I'm sure we'll feel the same about the breakfast.

                    An update on the Biltmore breakfast. DON'T GO :( They've downgraded their sausage patties, their English muffins, bacon is two slices. CBC is still good - they make really good bacon - but they no longer put peppers in their potatoes. But for $3.33, it's still a great deal.