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Jun 27, 2013 05:11 PM

Curry donuts?

In Diamond Bar or Rowland Heights area.

I am looking and looking and looking and cannot find anywhere that sells curry donuts consistently.

The one spot I know has them is inside Super H market ... But if one is not there just when the open, the sell out fast.

Many a time I go in, and only one is there...which is difficult to split between three boys and a wife...

Is there anywhere else I can get them?

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    1. Have you tried the curry pan (deep fried bread with curry inside) at places like Famima or Curry House? I would liken it to curry donuts.

      Scroll to page 2 of their menu to see the ones offered at Curry House:

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        Oh yum! I will try them for sure!!! Thank you

        1. re: DadTheBaker

          Yamazaki Bakery in JTown
          Bakery inside Mitsua has them
          Cream Pan in Tustin

          But the closest option might be to go to the Nijiya market on Colima in Rowland Heights. But like SuperHMart they only have a limited supply.

          My favorite is at Yamazaki which also has a really good An Donut. Parking is a pain though and really out of the way for a curry donut.