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Jun 27, 2013 04:02 PM


You get to pick one.

NOT 101. Not 10.

Just one.

One restaurant that will survive the apocalypse. One restaurant that will sustain you for the rest of your days.

It can be any restaurant, but only one. The only restaurant that you will ever eat at, for the rest of your life.

NO HEDGING with multiple selections for different categories, cuisines, geography.

One. Restaurant. Only.



Mr Taster

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    1. re: Servorg

      That's a good choice. Big menu, lots of selections, comfort food. We'll need all of that in the apocalypse.

      Mr Taster

      1. re: Servorg

        Great choice, but I gotta have rice, preferably Japanese.

        1. I think this is gonna make it hard to get a table, depending of course on how many go up during the "rapture" and who bursts into flames and who gets left behind to dine out...

          1. re: Servorg

            Pann's..for the Patty Melt alone..
            See you there sista!

          2. Do we have to pay? Or am I Bill Gates in this fantasy?

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            1. re: john gonzales

              No questions. Just choose.

              But only one.

              Go with your gut (literally and figuratively).

              Mr Taster

              1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                Good lord. No questions. Just choose. But only one.

                This is the Los Angeles board. Any restaurant covered by this board is fair game.

                Mr Taster

                1. re: Mr Taster

                  Don't be hateful..... I have a hard time deciding anything.... Especially when I'm starving. Okay. I think I got it.

                1. re: AlkieGourmand

                  +1 for Gjelina. Breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes, killer desserts, beer and wine . . . and good looking people to help keep my mind off the apocalypse.

                  1. re: AlkieGourmand

                    Another +1 for Gjelina. Or wait, no,, Rustic Canyon...wait a minute, what was the question again?

                    1. re: medrite

                      I CALL HEDGER!

                      Disqualified! :-)

                      Mr Taster

                  2. Langer's.... After the rapture the all us Jews left behind will need a deli and I bet they will still close at 4pm.

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                    1. re: wienermobile

                      Ha! Great answer. With that much time left, I'll finally be able to explore the rest of the menu.

                      Mr Taster