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Jun 27, 2013 02:00 PM

In Zurich, "Santa Lucia" is a must miss

I'm in Zurich periodically and have had some great meals. Consulted the CH board this evening and didn't see anything casual/reasonable for Old Town, so I ventured out. Stopped at Santa Lucia because it was crowded and the ambiance seemed so warm and inviting.

Matitre d' (owner?) was warm and inviting
NIce spot, even though I was solo
Terse, clueless waiter
Minestrone starter was a salty red gruel peppered with fibrous bits of veg
The piandine, which seemed a specialty, was a salty wet glop wrapped in what looked like a toasted flour tortilla
Two bites of the piadine and I asked for the check

Given the service and quality of both courses, I don't get the crowded, buoyant atmosphere. Oh well...

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