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Jun 27, 2013 01:24 PM

Ghoroaa Restaurant - Danforth and Victoria Park

Tried this place for the second time today and both times have been good. The first time I had the Gharoaa Special : Plain Rice with Fish or Meat, Aloo Bhorta and Dal, and today a samosa and Muglai Paratha. Now I can't really say what everything was, but it was good - nice and spicy and not oozing with oil. A different taste to other Indian cuisine. Oh, and both times I've had Doi for dessert. A kind of sweetened yoghurt that is great.

Service is friendly enough and the room is sparse but busy. Never seen any other white faces in there. Here is a link to their website with menu:

It is opposite the new Target store.

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  1. Went again and had chicken biryani, a shrimp and green squash curry, and what seemed to be bhajis and pakoras. Very good home-made hot sauce. Oh, didn't mention but it's a Bangladeshi restaurant. I heard about it when the NY chowhound founder came to town and wrote about it. Always meant to try it as I live close, but it's not too inviting from the outside.

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      i work by there and am curious to try it. did you find it very spicy-hot? i once had something from one of the restaurants and found it too spicy for me (though it tasted good.. but too much soice gives me a stomach ache nowadays).

      1. re: helenhelen

        Hotter than generic Gerrard Indian. Go in and try some of the snacks - especially the Doi. You can ask what kind of vegetarian food they usually have available.

    2. Thanks for pointing this place out. We went today and quite enjoyed our lunch. We had the chicken curry with parathas, beef biriyani, veggie pakoras and haleem. The curry and biriyani were excellent, the parathas a little greasy but tasty ;) Veggie pakoras were too dense for my liking. Would definitely stop by again when I'm in that 'hood. They were crazy busy with takeout (lots of catering packs heading out the door) plus the restaurant was full the entire time we were there. Nice find MC!

      1. How oily? How don't know on what scale someone will answer the question.

        1. How (icky) oily? On what scale does one answer the question?