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Jun 27, 2013 12:28 PM

kosher in Paris

I am travelling to Paris with 2 of my children next week Wednesday to Friday and would like recommendations for;
Milky places for lunch near the centre
Milky or meaty places for earlyish supper near to Rue de Clichy if possible - and these need to be open on Thursday night too.


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  1. Linte Caffe for dairy is excellent and La Citadelle for Meat

    1. Au Grande Merchant, near the Louvre, is a really nice cafe for breakfast or lunch.

      1. Definitely commend l'inte cafe in the opera area- one of better dairy restaurants I've been to. Parisserie Charles traiteur also is highly recommended- not sit down, but great sandwiches, both dairy and meat (separately) and fantastic pastry. They have a couple locations as well.

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          love l'inte caffe. my kids 12 and 9 loved tibs

        2. restaurants start dinner service at around 7:30PM unlike the US and many familes are in restaurants until 9 or 10 at night with strollers and wide awake kids including at the now unkosher Osmose