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Jun 27, 2013 10:15 AM

Green Chile in Denver

In doing research for an upcoming trip I have come across some mentions of green chile. What exactly is this and where can I find the best in the Denver area? The only places I have come across are Cherry Cricket and Efrain's. We LOVE spicy food.

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  1. It's so strange. I did a search under Mountain States for "green chili Denver" and not a whole lot came up. But then AFTER posting this question, in the column on the left under "Discussions You Might Also Like" this thread popped up.

    Of course it is 7 years old but does anyone else have troubles like this with the search feature?

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      The search function here sucks. You're better off googling, and adding "Chowhound" with it.

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        those that are searching also remember that we call it Green Chile sometimes and not Green "Chili" so your searches probably should include both terms.

      2. Green Chile in Denver is very different than green chile any place else. The best examples of green chile in Denver are probably at Bubba Chinos or The Original Chubbys - the recipes are nearly identical between the two. It's sort of an orange, spicy, concoction.

        1. I ate at Park Burger last night. My choice was El Mariachi, which included green chile. It was the best burger I have had in years.

          1. Another vote for Cherry Cricket. Comes in a large bowl with generous chunks of tender pork and 2 warm flour tortillas. Prepare to sweat a little!

            1. Hey everyone,

              We went El Taco De Mexico for green chile and it was delicious, although not that spicy. I went back in to the restaurant (we were sitting outside) and even got some extra for our burritos. I wanted to hit up a 2nd place, but the hiking was a bit more intense than expected (Torreys and Grays and Bear's Peak in 2 days) and it ended up not being much of a foodie trip. Next time!

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              1. re: JazzyK

                That means you must go back! Nobody goes to Denver once. And you HAVE to hit the Cricket!