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Jun 27, 2013 09:55 AM

Tope Shark Steaks Cooking Suggestions?

Tope Shark Recipes?

I just bought some Tope Shark Steaks - because I've never tried it and it was cheap.

What would you suggest I do with these?

"The tope shark is a member of the family of the houndsharks (Triakidae) and the order of the Carcharhiniformes.

This shark, that is also called school shark or soupfin shark, can be found in colder and temperature waters around the globe, from the shallow waters along the beach until the open water. Tope sharks live in small shoals, that can migrate within their habitat. This shark feeds on bottom and pelagic fish, crustaceans, cephalopods, wurms and echinoderms."

oh, apparently its on the "vulnerable" species list. Should I not be eating it? Its a bit late now.

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    1. If you have a grill, I'd go with that. Best shark I've had has been grilled with a fresh herb and olive oil marinade - something like pesto or chermoula.

      I don't know anything about this particular type of shark, however.

      1. Nothing specific but when I buy shark steaks my rule of thumb is to treat them like pork.


        1. This is the problem with common names....I associate the name "tope" with spiny dogfish, a common Atlantic shark. (Considered overfished in Europe, an over abundant pest in the US.) It's a small shark with bland meat, used in British fish and chips. While I've never had spiny dogfish, I have frequently eaten smooth dogfish. Too small and soft for steaks. Best fried and fed to children or people who hate fish. Sort of cottony and no flavor at kids loved it when they were young, because it just tasted "fried".

          1. I bought them cause they were cheap and I'd never cooked them before but they were rather bland. I think I"ll avoid Shark in future.

            - I"d also had some smooth houndshark fillets somewhat recently and thought they were very bland.