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Jun 27, 2013 09:33 AM

Microwaving Fresh Corn

Got my first fresh corn of the season at the farmer's market and a friend told me she puts hers in the microwave, with the husk and silk still attached. She nukes them for 3 minutes and it is perfectly done, and very easy to remove the silk which of course is always a PITA. I tried it the other night and found that yes, it's very easy, but the taste seemed a bit, well, deflated and the silk was still a bit of a hassle. I did it again last night for 3 1/2 minutes and the silk came off much easier, but no improvement in taste. It could have been the corn itself but I've bought from that stall before and when cooked traditionally, the flavor was always exceptional.

Any thoughts on cooking corn this way? I'll probably pick up some more at the FM this weekend.


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  1. You may have missed this simple microwave method.

    Watch the video.


    Even though this is very easy I still find my self shucking corn and giving it a brief toasting over fire

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      Thanks for the link. I can't view the video right now (at work and restricted access) but just reading the comments alone convinces me that it's a easier method. I like the idea of holding it on one end and just letting it slide out...brilliant!

      Thanks again!

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        If you haven't seen the video yet, it just involves leaving all the silk and husk intact, then chop off enough off the bottom to take about 1 inch off the cob. Remove any excess layers of husk and nuke the whole thing for about 3 minutes. When it's done, grasp the top portion of the corn firmly and you should be able to pull the husk and silk off in one piece. Works great - one of our local stores carries Brentwood sweet corn from CA and we've been stuffing ourselves before the season ends.

    2. I started using the microwave method two years ago when I wanted only one or two ears. Three minutes and then I use my silicone potholder s to peel and rub the silk off. I buy at the local farm stand and I think it tastes the same as when I make a larger amount by steaming.

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        Great suggestion to use a silicone potholder. I'll definitely do that (better than using a paper towel).

        Thanks for your response!

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          I nuke my corn for anywhere between 3-5 minutes. Longer than 3:30 if there are more than 2 ears.

          I shuck them except for the last layer, and I remove the brown fluffy silk (?) on top.

          They always come out perfectly, and you can remove the rest of the husk & silk with paper towels -- comes off really easily.

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          +1 and i also wrap it in foil leaving the top open, spray it with non-stick spray, sprinkle with salt and pepper (sometimes lime juice) and broil, rotating to brown evenly.

        3. Funny. I've been microwaving them for about 4-5 minutes. Maybe my microwave is underpowered.

          1. I microwave, 2 minutes per ear, but always shuck it first. Rinsing under cold water, after shucking, while using a hand to remove any stray silk works for me.

            I would not cook sweet corn without inspecting it first for critter damage.

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              If the corn is very fresh, 2 minutes is more than enough time to cook to keep the sweet flavor from turning starchy. I shuck, rinse, then wrap in a paper towel to hold in the moisture.

            2. I think nuking corn in the husk gives it a more corny flavor. Perhaps your corn wasn't the sweetest. Give it another try. I usually give 5 ears 5 minutes or so.