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Jun 27, 2013 08:31 AM

Anyone Else Tired of the "Heart Attack" Ad?

Yes, money rules, but the "4 Things You'll Feel Right Before a Heart Attack" ad with the sad sack who looks like Jeff Bridges' The Dude is getting to me.

It's like: "You're Going to Be Hit By a Bus" And what's with the smiling Jean Stapleton lookalike, whose affect is that she won the lottery when her old man had the infarction?

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  1. That one is better than the "belly fat" add, where the bare chested guy looks like he swallowed an exercise ball.

    1. Lol @ both of y'all (and agree anyways). Who wants Cindy Sherman back, eh? Show of hands! ;)

      1. Apparently one of the "4 Things You'll Feel" is an old man's face.

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          Ooooh, you still got the stuff, h.