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Jun 27, 2013 08:24 AM

Profiteroles in Chicago

Does anyone still serve profiteroles in Chicago? Or Gold Brick sundaes?

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  1. Sure, you can find both at various places around town. Last week I had lunch at Meson Sabika, the lovely tapas restaurant in west suburban Naperville, and they had profiteroles among the dessert selections.

    1. Anna Maria Pasteria has them. They are very good!

      1. Many of the French bistros have profiteroles, including Mon Ami Gabi, Kiki's, and Bistro Zinc. As for the sundaes, I'd suggest contacting Margie's Candies or Ghiradelli, and asking. These are the two that come to mind as old-timey soda fountains, although the latter is of course a chain and not the local stalwart that the former is.