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Jun 27, 2013 07:45 AM

The mystery food tent at the Parliament and Gerrard

Yes? Hi! There is the food tent in behind the buildings at the southeast corner of the parliament and the gerrard. Has anyone done the eating there or have the more information!

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  1. Likely that's the Regent Park Farmers Market. It used to be a tiny thing just off Parliament wouth of Gerrard. It carried goods favoured by people who live in the immediate area. I understand it's been greatly gentrified now. So long as there's something for everyone, that'd be okay.

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      Yes? Hi! No thats not the thing. It is there the 24 hours for almost the one year. They have the vegas lights and things for the shawarma and the falafel burger. Maybe someone else knows the better.

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        Indiaguy-ji, I am thinking that you should do the needful. Be visiting this place, then revert here to report about your experiences only.