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Jun 27, 2013 07:32 AM

San Fran to Santa Barbara Road Trip

I'm roadtripping from San Fran to Santa Barbara in July. Planning on hitting Monterey/Carmel, BigSur, and Cambria along the way. Any suggestions on where to eat? Open to anything from simple to luxurious dining!

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  1. For Cambria, I'd recommend Robin's. It has been constently good over the years. Which can not be said for a lot of the restaurants in that town.

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      Robin's is on Open Table. Ate there last year and two weeks ago. Lasagna is huge portion -- suitable for sharing. Good calamari app. - hot thermally, not oily. Moroccan duck breast with Israeli couscous was better last year -- seasoning on duck was meh this year and cooked medium, not medium rare as requested; couscous was tastier, but too wet. Will skip next time -- too bad as had looked forward to it -- dumbed down to a lower level. Salmon bisque still a standard. Oh, and the lavender soda water was white refreshing. Corkage was $12; wine service well handled.

    2. Looks like you are taking the Highway One route down the coast -- that helps pin point where you need dining suggestions. There are plenty of choices taking Highway 101, but fewer options along Highway One, the longer, more winding and equally scenic route.

      When you hit Pismo Beach where One and 101 meet at the ocean's edge, try our favorite Mo's BBQ on the main downtown street that goes out to the Pismo Beach wharf and their Philthy Phil ribs.

      Then grab a bag of the coffee flavor salt water taffy at the strangely unique HotLix for the rest of the road trip.

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      1. Pepper's in Pacific Grove is one of our must stops when we drive through Monterey Peninsula