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Jun 27, 2013 06:06 AM

Acadia's new Chef?

We have res this weekend and know there is a new chef. Any comments about Dustin and Acadia ?

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  1. "Dustin Gallagher to take over until they find a new full-time chef. He started on Friday with his own menu, which is a marked departure from Blondin and Kriss’s elevated cuisine."

    Haven't been back since Pat left.

    1. I think he placed 4th on Top Chef Canada last season. Trained under Susur Lee if i remember correctly

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        Yep that's Dusty. He was the chef at Grace before that then the Riverside place with Nav but he hasn't been there for a while.

      2. I have had couple of pop-up experiences with Dusty. Very clean and approachable food - lots of energy. I like it.
        Haven't done Acadia yet since the transition. They have started corkage on Tuesdays. Patio looks grand.