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Jun 27, 2013 05:19 AM

Breakfast near the Hyatt Place in Fair Lawn

My sister & niece are flying in from Texas for my other niece's wedding. I would like to take them to breakfast Friday morning. any suggestions for a nearby place? We would probably not meet until 9am.

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  1. make a right out their parking lot and stay right onto Saddle River road-about a mile down on the left in a tiny strip mall is Bennys-not fancy but very good

    1. I second Benny's....try their Pastrami, as it was rated in the top three of Bergen County.....Be sure to stop at the nearby Hot Bagels for a great NJ water boiled bagel before or after.

      I heard some in the area like the Lincoln Grill.

      1. The Gotham City Diner right down the road (also in Fair Lawn) or like others said, Benny's luncheonette.

        1. Thanks everyone for the Benny's suggestion. It was great! I love a place that makes their own corned beef hash!

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          1. Haven't been to Benny's in several years. "Benny" himself sold the place, and I think the new owner kept things "as is" so to speak so they were still pretty popular, doing well, etc.

            Didn't "Benny" open a new place somewhere else in Fair Lawn or Glen Rock after he sold the original Benny's (on Saddle River Road)?