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Late lunch/early dinner - Richmond

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Hi there! My husband and I are traveling to Richmond and we're looking for some suggestions for a late lunch or early dinner. The only place we've tried up there is Comfort (delish), so we're open to anything! We are definitely not picky - any price or type is ok. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I think it would be helpful if you could provide some additional information regarding your route (are you traveling north/south on I-95?), how far off the highway you are willing to go, etc.

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      Our itinerary is very open. I know we are going to the historical society and, depending on weather, the botanical gardens. We may also walk around Careytown. Again, we're very flexible.

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        Lots of existing threads, such as:


        Also, check out Peter Chang China Cafe for authentic Chinese:


    2. For some unique Italian in a different setting, I like Edo's Squid, 411 N. Harrison St. They transition from lunch to dinner service around 3:30-4. Don't expect to be overwhelmed by external appearance, and parking is sometimes a bit difficult. I find the interior charming and the chalkboard menu varied and consistently well executed.

      1. Heritage, The Roosevelt, Pasture, Dutch & Company are my favorites lately. The Roosevelt and Dutch & Company are in Church Hill, Pasture is downtown, and Heritage is VCU/Downtown-ish (or, is it Carytown?). All are very good!