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Jun 26, 2013 09:38 PM

lunch in anaheim

or parts north, near the five
will be dining with not overly adventurous out of stater 16 year old girl who claims to eat anything but thai.
i dunno, what do sixteen year olds like to eat? where do they like to go?
pardon my self centeredness, but id kinda like to enjoy the food.


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  1. Pick a manageesh/Lebanese pizza joint. Most unintimidating to a 16YO OOS girl would probably be the clean and modern Zait & Zaatar. If you want to sit down, Olive Tree has solid Arabic food.

    In addition, it'd be a perfect time to teach her how to smoke hookah.

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    1. re: TonyC

      good suggestions, except for the hookah part. even though her father is armed and has a carry permit, it's her mother who scares me if i teach her daughter how to smoke.

    2. addendum:
      when i said points north, i mean if she's not hungry right away we'll be headed toward l.a./s.f. valley up the five.
      so suggestions along that route are welcomed; anything too far west of the 5 is outski.


      1. There is always Umami burger. Along the way, there is a Porto's but the crowds and wait times might detract.

        1. +1 Zait + Zataar

          Here are some other good places very close off the 5 north of Anaheim
          Renu Nakorn - Thai
          Portillo's - Chicago hot dogs and beef dip sandwiches

          Anybody know when Cortina's in Anaheim will be back in business?

          1. Hi folks. We've removed the off topic digression about hookah, but please keep Anaheim chow suggestions coming. Thanks!