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Jun 26, 2013 07:26 PM

Recs in Playas de Tijuana

My wife and I are going to head down from San Diego to Tijuana for the weekend in a few weeks - more specifically to Playas. On this trip, we're planning on just staying in that area, so I'm looking for any info specifically on good eats in Playas.

We've been to Mariscos Titos and enjoyed it, so we'll likely go back. When we were there, I saw a Tacos Aaron truck which I will look for again. I know Tacos Kokopelli opened a spot in Playas last year, but haven't seen much information on it - I'm not even sure it is still there since they opened the spot in Foodgarden in Zona Rio.

That's pretty much the extent of my current knowledge, so if anyone has any other info I'd love to hear it. Thanks!

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  1. You're right, Kokopelli is no longer in Playas. I've heard that Mariscos Bercerra does a pretty mean shrimp pozole among other things.

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      Thanks for the heads-up on Mariscos Bercerra - I found a couple of articles on it and it looks great!

      Do you know if Kokopelli still has the stand on Ocampo, or are they just in Foodgarden now?

      1. re: menuinprogress

        I think they still have the Ocampo outpost.

        Don't forget to check Bill Esparza's blog - Streetgourmetla

        And also check the Stick a Fork in It column in the OC Weekly. One of the guys who contributes to the column as occasionally posts here as Das Ubergeek.

        You can also contact Derrik Chin and ask him for recs, he used to live in Playas. Not a bad idea for a weekend getaway location. Please post back what you found.

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          We're on the same page - one of the Mariscos Bercerra articles I read was from Streetgourmetla and the other was OCWeekly and I definitely plan on emailing Derrik.

    2. Tacos Franc in Playas de Tijuana is pretty well known.

      This link to streetgourmetla's blog has a list of seven taco stands, Franc being the only one in Playas:

      Also, here is a review on Masa Assassin's blog:

      Additionally, Mariscos Bercerra in Playas keeps getting metioned as a good place:

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        I'll definitely look into Tacos Franc - thanks!

        1. re: menuinprogress

          Hey, I love your blog and you are very welcome.

          I haven't eaten there because it wasn't convenient at the time, but friends who live in Playas recommend it.

      2. We had a great weekend down in Playas. Here is a rundown of where we ate.

        Mariscos Titos. We'd been here before on a Turista Libre trip, so it made for an easy first stop when we arrived. We had a fish ceviche tostada, which was good - even though the base had some mayo in it, which I'm not a fan of. We also had a couple of large tacos - camarĂ³n enchilado and pulpo enchilado. Also good, but a bit heavy. I think we would have done better to order the simpler tacos.

        Tacos Aaron. Tacos Aaron does "tacos varios" - what seems to be the Tijuana term for tacos de guisado (stew). They have two trucks in Playas - one outside the Calimax in Colonia Soler, and the other just around the corner from our hotel (Dali Suites). We at there twice. First for lunch - we had birria, pollo adobado and milanesa. All very good - particularly the birria. We went back for breakfast the next day and had some egg-based tacos - chorizo con huevo enchilado and machaca con huevo. Both fantastic.

        Cocteles Vallarta. A little mariscos stand by the beach on Avenida del Pacifico. We spent several blissful hours eating seafood and watching the one-man mariscos show. We had a mixed seafood tostada that was perfect, and some very good fish and shrimp tacos. We also had an "almeja preparada" (clam prepared michelada style with lime juice, onion, cilanro, clamato, hot sauce and a hit of maggi). The best thing we ate during the trip.

        Other notes. We had some really good tamales from a vendor on Avenida del Pacifico - particularly the queso y rajas. We passed Mariscos Becerra a number of times and while it was doing some bar business we never saw anyone eating there. I didn't find a Tacos Franc in Playas. There was a Tacos el Frances, which I think is affiliated, but it was far enough south that we never got there. Horno 320, a wood-fired pizza joint, seems to be the current hot spot in the beach area. We went by it on Friday night and it was completely packed. We spent a pleasant few hours having beers on the patio overlooking the beach at Mariscos Ruben's & Charlie's. We didn't eat anything since we weren't hungry, but they were putting out some nice looking cocteles.

        Overall it made for an inexpensive and really easy weekend vacation. On the way back, we were at home in Pacific Beach just over an hour after we left our hotel in Playas (go SENTRI!).

        Pictures here: