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Jun 26, 2013 07:02 PM

Trader Joes Meals for Vacation (no freezer or refrigerator)

This is a challenge for the 'hounders: traveling (in NV and UT if that matters) and going to shop at Trader Joes early in the trip. What can I buy for meals (not snacks although those suggestions are welcome too) that will not need to be refrigerated? We are driving for hours with many stops and will end up in a food wasteland with a need for meals. We'll have a kitchen and microwave at this point. For example, those Indian food pouches that just need to be heated. Can't wait to hear the ideas!

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  1. Just take a stroll down the non-refrigerated food aisle: there are noodle bowls, canned soup, canned fish (the trout is excellent), and shelf-stable soup. I don't buy too much of this stuff, but have a look at the yay/nay threads for which are good--people tend to have strong feelings about the soups. Also, of course, dried fruit and nuts, chips and salsa, and snacks galore.

    1. Check out the Packit Gourmet. food for hikers

      I tried their bangers and mash. It was pretty tasty.

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        Does Trader Joe's sell Packit Gourmet?

      2. With a kitchen and microwave you could get some of those bags of 10 minute grains (I know farro is one, maybe quinoa, too, I can't recall the others) and some cans of beans, and some shelf stable dressing or just olive oil and balsamic vinegar and make salads. Plenty of jarred pickled vegetables to add. The cherry peppers are particularly good but they also have artichoke hearts and hearts of palm. The parmesan crisps (usually kept in that same aisle) would go well with that.

        You can't go wrong with their pastas and jarred sauces. Also, if you will be able to buy some chicken or other protein when you get to where you're going, their simmer sauces are very good for a quick meal.

        1. The polenta is pretty good too. It comes in a plastic roll, if you have a small frying pan, you can slice it and saute slices. We like it with cheese for breakfast or as a side dish, use it camping a lot.