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Jun 26, 2013 05:49 PM

Great Japanese or Mexican near South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa)?

I have a business lunch that has to be near the mall but not too far away. I see a place called Tanaka Shoten Ya on Yelp, but I don't trust Yelp, and I was unable to find mention here on Chowhound.

Anyone been to Tanaka? Any other rec's for Japanese or Mexican nearby?

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  1. For a business lunch, if you want to keep it Japanese or Mexican and near South Coast, Hamamori in the Crystal Court annex to South Coast is probably your best choice for Japanese. It is "modern" rather than traditional but the food is good and the place is quite attractive. I can't think of any nearby Mexican places that I would consider good for a business lunch, though, foodwise there is a Super Antojitos on Bristol and Alton that would suffice.

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      I've heard some positive things about Amorelia Mexican Cafe on Harbor Blvd. in Costa Mesa from friends who live down there. Anyone have any personal information about it?

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        Went there today. For food, There are better hole-in-the-wall's, but for a sit down place, this place is excellent. Recommend Queso fundido, tortillas, pescado plate (snapper). Carne asada fajitas.

        1. re: Victor Lieberman

          Since this is a business lunch a sit down place is probably what the OP is looking for. Thanks for sharing.

          1. re: Victor Lieberman

            I agree with Servorg. Thanks for sharing. I've been meaning to try Amorelia.

            If you want hole-in-the-wall sit-down. Go to Taqueria Zamora just up the street (well, up and across). Great tacos with house-made tortillas and chips. Their breakfasts (chilaquiles, machaca, and huevos rancheros) are also excellent.


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              Here's how bad my memory is. I'm telling him the OP wanted a place for a business lunch, not remembering that Victor WAS the OP. Doh!

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                I saw that, but I was going to let it go given the time of your post.

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                  Your courtesy in the face of my idiocy is both noted and appreciated...

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                    What can I say? You caught me in a moment of weakness. Don't tell anyone. My wife would kill me if she found out that I'm actually being nice to people.

      2. Tanaka Shoten Ya looks like a ramen vendor that was at Mitsuwa for a food fair, so I'm pretty sure they're not there anymore.

        Still, if you don't mind eating in a supermarket, they still have Santouka. I heard good things about Don Don Tei and Gyutan Tsukasa but I personally haven't eaten there.

        I've also eaten at Okidoki. It isn't the best izakaya food I've had, but still decent. The sesame tofu is really good.

        1. Costa Mesa has become a center for great ramen. Search this site for many recs!