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Jun 26, 2013 05:45 PM

Cookbook suggestion?

Hi all!
I love to cook but have noticed that I've fallen into a bit of a cooking rut and am a little bit fed up with my current cookbooks. I am a really good cook/chef so difficulty level isn't an issue. What cookbooks do you recommend or think is really great?

Thank you all!

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  1. At the moment I'm really into Jerusalem and Plenty. I also find that the Serious Eats website has a lot of recipes I like. When I get bored with my cooking or feel in a rut I try new ingredients or techniques. Best wishes.

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      I really like Jerusalem.

      The recipes are easily prepared or prepped in advance. Most can be halved. Leftovers are usually just as tasty

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        I see a lot of buzz about the Jerusalem cookbook. Can anyone tell me why they like it so much? I have not seen it so really I am curious and deciding if I should add it to my collection.

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          "Jerusalem" was Cookbook of the Month this past January. If you go to this link, you can read a general discussion of the book and on finding ingredients. If you then follow the links to the recipe reviews, you'll see reports on the dishes people have made from the book. Overall, people were thrilled with the new flavor combinations and with how the recipes turned out. Many of those who participated list "Jerusalem", along with Ottolenghi's other books, as some of their favorite cookbooks.

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        I am really enjoying Jerusalem as well. I have also been enjoying Smoke and Pickles.

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          I'm at the end of my 2-week library check-out of Jerusalem, and I recommend it. Haven't yet cooked my way through, so will see if I can renew the loan. I have an abundance of eggplant, tomatoes, various herbs, cucumber and okra. Using lots of the recipes from Jerusalem to try some new flavors.

        2. There is an ongoing series of threads on this board called "What cookbooks have you bought recently, or are lusting after" that would give you a good idea of some of the comparatively recent books that many here have found of interest:

          Another good thread for you to take a look at would be "What is your favorite cookbook of all time?"

          Many of us here like nothing better than to talk about cookbooks. If you tell us more, what you have, what you like, what you don't like, what kind of cooking you most like to do, we could be more specific in making recommendations that might appeal to you.

          1. i'd recommend scanning the library shelves

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              Oops, should have put my Jerusalem note here! Love checking cookbooks from the library before deciding if I need to buy it (I've purged a ton of hardly used cookbooks in the past few years). Hurray for libraries!

            2. Like most posters here, I have so many cookbooks I couldn't possibly know what's in all of them. When I get the cooking blahs I pick out a book from my shelf that I haven't looked at in a while, dust it off and get to cooking! :)

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                I do this too. When I am feeling that I am in a rut, I dust off whichever cookbook I have ignored for a good long time. I also like using my local library. They have a good selection of older and new cookbooks I can borrow for free.

              2. Have your used Eat Your Books site? I find it very useful in discovering "new" recipes in my cookbooks. Some people write notes about recipes that they made - this is very helpful too. You could look at others' bookshelves for ideas of new to you books.