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Jun 26, 2013 04:08 PM

Problems entering correct page

Something has been bugging me for months and months. OK, I'm ready to see if this is possible to fix.
Every time I click on a url in twitter Chow takes me to the right page and then immediately takes me to another page, which is usually a search page with squirrel horchata (really) on it. Needless to say, whatever recipe I'm interested in is a little less appetizing after that!

Even when I click on another page when I am in Chow it still goes onto the search page. When I return to the page it always goes back, but is still frustrating and time consuming.

I'm using Windows 7 and Chrome browser. Is my computer haunted?

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. This isn't an official answer, since I don't know for sure, but I used to have a computer virus that causes a similar problem for me with google results -- I'd click on a google result and be taken to that page and then immediately jumped to another spam page. Is it possible you have a virus on your computer?

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    1. re: Jacquilynne

      I have a pretty secure computer and so far no report of any kind of virus. This has been going on for over a year. I have been a member of Chow since before Jim changed any thing at Chow. I just forgot my sign in name and had to sign up again.
      This is the only site I have trouble with. It doesn't seem reasonable that a virus would be in Chow and would take me to another Chow page.
      Thanks for your help.

    2. I'm not aware of anything we're doing that could cause this (see also Jacquilynne's thoughts on the matter), but in the interest of due diligence, is it sending you to or to a different page in particular?

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      1. re: Engineering

        Yes! That's the page!
        Thank you so much. At least we have maybe a clue?
        I'm so tired of seeing that page. Do you have any ideas how to stop this?

        1. re: Engineering

          Well, now that I look at it again, it is the Horchata page, but not exactly that one. It is more of a search page, This is the one, although it doesn't have the horchata recipe on it. It almost always has the squirrel!

          Also the url that you gave me is the only time I've clicked on a link in Chow that didn't go to the next page! (sorry for so many exclamation points)...

        2. Oh Joy!
          I just changed security companies and I am able to get an immediate link to Chow without it going to the search page first.
          I was not having a problem with the security, I just changed to try something new. I guess the previous security didn't like Chow or something.
          Thanks for everyone trying to help. If I had known that that was the problem I would've changed earlier.

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          1. re: junebugga

            Oh, yay! Glad you found something that worked, even if it was accidental.

            1. re: junebugga

              Thanks for updating us on this. What was the previous security you were using that was causing this if you don't mind me asking?

              1. re: meshane

                I was using McAfee, which I had been using for years. It came installed on my first Dell.
                I changed to Kaspersky. This is the only change I have noticed. Which is really weird, don't you agree? I've never had a virus on my computer. Chow was the only web site that this happened on.
                I guess just some crossed wires or something!